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We help you focus on growing your business by taking care of the shipping.

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Integrate Shipit with your ecommerce easily and for free

Automatize the shipping process all they way when you receive the order until the point where your customer gets the product.

Get up to a 50% discount with the best shipping companies

Due to the fact that we help hundreds of business with their shipping, we are able to negotiate better prices and offer you an up to 50% discount. The bigger we are, the better prices you get.

Shipit saves you time

We combine logistic expertise and operational efficiency with an outstanding customer experience that makes the shipping process fast and easy.

  • Customer Service

    Unlike traditional shipping services, customer service is of utmost importance to us. You'll never be left in the dark wondering whether your orders are on time.

  • Shipit Warranty

    We know delivering your so awaited orders on time is of high importance to your customers and you. If your delivery doesn't arrive on time, we give you your money back.

  • Better prices

    Thanks to the volume of shipments we make, you can get bulk discounts which can be up to 50% lower than the counter price.

  • Zapier Integration

    We integrate directly with Zapier, which means you can automatically import orders from your store, generate labels and arrange pickups.

Raul, a happy e-commerce owner who spends his time swinging on a chair instead of having to waste time shipping products.


Easily integrate Shipit with your online store.


Compare different shipping rates and generate your label in just a matter of seconds.


Schedule the pickup for your parcels for free

Happy clients

We will be make sure your package gets on time to your customer.

A high quality service at a low-cost.

We empower your business regardless of its size by giving you access to bulk price shipping rates (up to 50% discount).

Other companies are using us to:

  • Reduce their logistics costs

    Reduce the time you invest into fullfiling orders while getting up to 50% better rates on the shipping services you already use.

  • Offer same day delivery

    Don't make your clients wait days to receive a product when they can get it on the same day and with a lower shipping cost.

  • Compare different carriers rates in the same place

    Stop losing your time manually comparing different services or being locked to the same shipping provider.

A versatile solution with dozens of benefits

Price comparison

We find you the best rate across different carriers.

Get free pickups

Save time and operational costs by having a courier come to your place.

Insurance included

All shipments are insured for up to $2000 MXN in value.

Shipment tracking

Don't be left in the dark. We provide detailed status for all shipments.

Invoice your shipments

Stop worrying about invoices, we take care of all of it.

Prepaid returns

Offer your customers the option to return their items freely.

Offer same day delivery

Increase customer satisfaction by delivering your products on the same day for as low as $79 MXN.

The shown price is only available after certain volume of shipments and within Mexico City.

Need help with packaging?

We are here to make your job easier, we provide custom packaging solutions that will save you time and improve your brand image.

  • Save time and money

    Fullfiling orders is our jelly, don't waste your time and money buying boxes, adding your brand and doing packaging when you can have experts to so for much cheaper.

  • Increase brand awareness

    Reinforce your brand image with a variety of beautiful packaging options. Boxes can be engraved with any logo, image, or text you want.

Get protected from buyer fraud

We provide seller protection to help you protect your online sales from fraud, minimizing claims and chargebacks.

We have your back when it comes to buyer complaints

  • Avoid unauthorized transactions

    If there's a transaction but the account holder claims that he or she didn't authorize the payment. You get up to $10,000 dollars of coverage when the payment is done through Paypal and the shipping through us.

  • Refute items not received

    There are cases in which a buyer pays for an item, but claims he or she didn't receive it. We have you covered, all payments done through Paypal and shipped through us cover you against this type of fraud.

Let us help you focus on growing your business by taking care of the shipping.

We provide everything you need to boost your business. Use us for all your shipping needs to lower your operational costs, stop wasting time fullfiling orders and focus on growing your business, offer cheap same-day delivery, and boost your brand with custom packaging.

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